Dr. Brian McAvoy

Dr. McAvoy graduated from The University of Richmond with a BA  in Biology. In 1987, Dr. McAvoy graduated from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry, and went on to become involved in the American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association,  and Academy of General Dentistry. With thousands of hours completed in continued education in Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Placement and Restoration, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy, Dr. McAvoy founded Forest Dental Center in 2001 along with Cari Zello. Together, they went on to found Dentistry from the Heart in 2007.

In his personal life, Dr. McAvoy is an active member of the Peakland United Methodist Church of Lynchburg, Board of Directors member at New Covenant Schools, and a Mentor Professor at the Free Clinic of Central Virginia. He enjoys travelling, gardening, boating, fishing, photography, and cooking, and is an Eagle Scout with two Palms. He enjoys a very active life in Lynchburg, VA, with his daughter, and wife Amy.